Why check?

"In 2014, 63% of all the confirmed employment frauds reported to Cifas, the UK's fraud prevention service, involved people lying about their education, former employment or qualifications"

Bogus qualifications will harm your organisation

- Hiring candidates with bogus qualifications is so common place these days that employers need an alternative to their own sharp wittedness to help them spot the fraudsters.
- If you're in a regulated industry, such as financial services, then checking candidates' academic and professional qualifications is mandatory. For good reason - an employee with bogus qualifications in the medical industry, for example, could lead to a life-threatening situation.
If you don't work in a regulated industry, the consequences of employing someone brazen enough to falsify their qualifications can be just as damaging to your reputation and bottom line.
Many businesses operate sophisticated interviewing techniques with psychometric testing and role play, etc. All of which seems a waste of time and money if they fail to check a candidate's qualifications in the first place. Capability and trustworthiness are pretty important qualities after all!

5 reasons for not ignoring bogus qualifications

  • 1. Danger - the unqualified candidate is a danger to others particularly in medical, financial, environmental industries.
  • 2. Trust - if they lie about their qualifications, can they be trusted as an employee generally?
  • 3. Cost - think of the psychological as well as financial cost of going through the recruitment process again because a candidate wasn't as qualified or trustworthy as stated.
  • 4. Threat to reputation - all of the above could impact on how clients, candidates, suppliers, investors and your industry regard the organisation.
  • 5. Under performance - qualifications are an indicator of ability so someone without the right qualifications might not have the right skills

Fight bogus qualifications with an efficient checking process

OK, so you've committed to running a background check on your candidates' education. Now you need professional help because this part of the employment screening process can be a lengthy, frustrating and complicated process. Delays in qualification checking will slow down your whole recruitment process - and might disadvantage a great candidate.

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