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>>> 1. Employment Verifications in Vietnam <<<

Employment Verification are an inexpensive way to evaluate a candidate’s honesty and overall suitability for a position

Certainty about your candidates’ employment history is important!

• Since the start of the recession, the increase in red flags associated with embellished resumés has been dramatic. Employment Verifications are an inexpensive way we can help you to Know Who You’re Hiring.

Collect the Facts

Employment Verifications collect factual information about your candidate’s work history directly from Human Resources and Payroll. We compare your candidate’s employment claims with what was documented in their personnel file and alert you of discrepancies.

We Know Who to Contact, When, and How 
• Information is sourced directly from HR and Payroll departments, providing you with accurate, unbiased information. 
• The relationships we have developed with top employers worldwide facilitate industry-best turnaround times – on average, 3 - 5 business days. 
• Our procedures and policies are consistent and comply with privacy legislation

Cross-Reference with References! 
• Most employers are now adding a completely neutral, direct-from-the-source Employment Verification to their background screening packages that already includes Reference Checks.

FYI CHECK in Action 
• Cross-Reference with References!
• Ensure that your Verifications are from a Legitimate Source
• Uncover the Truth
• Unbiased information directly from Payroll or Human Resources.
• Identification of gaps in a resumé or job application.
• Comparison with information obtained through reference interviews.
• Compliance with industry requirements and guidelines.
• A consistent, auditable process.
• Dicrect & Online, real-time results within 3 to 5 business days.

>>> 2. Reference Check in Vietnam <<<

Reference Checks are a valuable tool for screening candidates; however, conducting proper reference checks can be very time consuming and difficult for Hiring Managers - As a neutral third party, has people ready to make and take calls.  We have no bias from having met your candidate in person - our only focus is getting you high quality, detailed information

Enhanced by Employment Verifications
• When necessary, an Employment Verification is initiated. Verifications are received directly by the employer’s Payroll or Head Office – a quick way to verify reliability of a reference.

Highly Trained & Experienced Interviewers
• By partnering with BackCheck, your Hiring Managers and Recruitment Team can focus on their primary functions, rather than playing telephone tag.  
• Our highly trained and experienced interviewers will ask the right questions and probe appropriately for clarification to extract detailed information on each candidate’s punctuality and quality of work.
• We never miss a call, and always follow-up. Remove interview bias – we’ve never met your candidates, so when we conduct a reference, we focus on results that let you make an informed hiring decision.

>>> 3. Education Verifications in Vietnam <<<

Each year, thousands of job candidates fabricate their education history, in a wide variety of ways. Which issue degrees based on “life experience” or simply for cash. By going directly to registrars, we are able to raise the Red Flag and give you a reliable picture of each candidate

Direct Contact with Academic Institutions
• Education Verifications authenticate candidates’ education claims directly with registrars and administration offices, many of whom know us well. We compare claims made by your candidate with information on the official files and alert you of inconsistencies.

Thorough Results – Honesty Matters
• Forgery-proof results delivered securely online.
• Unbiased, unaltered records obtained directly from Registrars’ and Student Records Offices.
• An inexpensive measure of honesty.
• Knowledge of abundant diploma mills and phony education institutions.
• We have established relationships with education institutions worldwide.
• A consistent and auditable process.
• Typical turnaround time of 05-07 business days.

Partner with the Industry Leader

•’s highly skilled and experienced employees have conducted several hundred thousand Education Verifications in Vietnam.
>>> 4. Indentity Cross-Check in Vietnam <<<

Candidates with a criminal past often look for ways to manipulate the system, providing potential employers with fake names to prevent them from uncovering records. Checking a candidate’s photo identification is critical to verifying their identity; however, falsified documents can be hard to identify, and can expose employers to risk

Verify Identity 

• Identity Cross-Check is designed to verify your employment candidates' identity while not acquiring financial information. With Identity Cross-Check, we use the ID component of a Credit Bureau Inquiry service to cross-reference against the information provided by your candidate.
>>> 5. Criminal History Check in Vietnam <<<

Criminal Record Checks help you to select safe, honest and reliable people, while deterring dangerous individuals from trying to join your organization 

>>> 6. Other Verification <<<

>> Vietnam has long been a major supplier of girlfriends, mistresses and brides to foreign men. Increased globalization and the Internet have only fueled this phenomenon, leading to a dramatic rise in relationship fraud.

>> Despite the high risks of fraud, there are good opportunities in Vietnam, both for personal and business relationships. Beautiful brides and profitable business ventures do exist, but a professional Vietnam background check is an effective way to protect yourself.

>> Before getting too emotionally or financially involved with someone or something in Vietnam, we recommend doing a thorough Vietnam Background Check, which includes the following:
* Identity Check (Name, Age, Birthplace)
* Fraud, Scam and Blacklist Checks
* Lifestyle Check
* Marital Status Verification
* Child Status Verification
* Address Check
* Employment Verification
* Education Verification
* Criminal Record Check (optional)
* Travel/Immigration Verification (optional)
* Asset Valuation (optional)

Other Check & Investigation in Vietnam

Check for Business - Futher Investigation - Individual Check
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